Metallic Femoral Head

metallic femoral head

Metallic femoral head is intended for restoration of function and form of the natural joint, rehabilitation of patients with traumas and diseases of musculoskeletal system.

Metallic femoral head can be used with either cemented or cementless stem with standard Eurocone 12/14.

The diameters of the heads produced are as follows: 22.2 mm, 28 mm and 32 mm.


Metallic head is manufactured of cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy (CoCrMo) corresponding to ISO 5832/12. To learn more about the material, please visit Materials used.


.Intense loss of substance and function of hip joint due to degenerative changes, post-traumatic, progressive arthritis deformans and traumas;
.Avascular necrosis of the femoral bone head and fracture of neck and head of the femur;
.After surgical operations of osteosynthesis, operation for restoration of joint function, arthrodesis.