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        Doctor Hemant Sharma Specialist in Orthopedics

        Looking for the best Orthopedics Surgeon Specialist in Gurgaon, India? FRCS (England), MRCS ( England), DNB (ortho) Specialist in Revision Lower Limb Arthroplasty, Complex Hip, Knee and Sports Injury Currently working as a director and clinical administrator in the department of Orthopedics in Marengo Asia Hospital, Gurgaon. Prior to this, I was heading the unit in Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon from August 2012 till June 2016.

        The Physical Signs That Tell You to Visit an Orthopedics Surgeon at the Earliest

        Orthopedic doctors deal with problems with bones and marrow. Age is one of the most common factors behind bone weakness among people. Nevertheless, improper nutrition can also cause bone-related issues. At times, people also suffer from bone injuries due to accidents. In such cases, you must find and consult the best orthopedics surgeon in India.

        An orthopedic specialist in India can diagnose the reason behind chronic joint pain. The doctor will recommend various treatments after diagnosing the problem. In the following section, you can find a guide to the symptoms that suggest you immediately see an orthopedics surgeon in Gurugram. Dr Hemant Sharma is Specialist in

        1. Knee Pain Treatment by Orthopedics Surgeon

        Multiple reasons can cause knee pain, and athletes suffer from such pain due to injury. On the other hand, people over 60 years of age may become knee pain victims due to the body’s scarcity of calcium and other crucial minerals. The best way of dealing with knee pain is to meet an orthopedic specialist at the earliest.

        The orthopedic doctor in Gurgaon may recommend a few tests. After checking the test results, the doctor will suggest treatments when the disease is diagnosed. In the case of severe damage to the knee, surgery is essential. Therefore, you should find a specialized knee surgeon for knee replacement surgery. Consult Dr Hemant Sharma for Knee Replacement Surgery In Gurgaon

        1. Back Pain Treatment by Ortho Doctor

        Do you experience chronic back pain? The back pain indicates that you may have suffered an injury to your back. In a few cases, back pain happens due to lifestyle issues. For example, people who drive two-wheelers daily may encounter back pain.

        Chronic back pain also happens to those who have desk jobs. Sitting at a desk and working six to seven hours daily can invite back pain problems. In such cases, you must not waste time consulting an orthopedics Surgeon in Gurgaon, Delhi, India. The specialist has the knowledge and experience to render long-lasting treatment for your back pain.

        1. Neck Pain Treatment by Orthopedics Specialist

        Neck pain is similar to back pain, though neck pain can often become complicated. Neck pain signifies alignment issues with the spinal cord. In a few cases, people experience neck pain due to accidental injuries. For example, a vehicle driver who has suffered an accident may become a neck pain victim. Consult best Orthopedics Surgeon in India.

        Since the spinal cord is a delicate body part, you should not ignore chronic neck pain. You must find the best orthopedic specialist in Gurgaon, Delhi, India and long-sustainable treatments for chronic neck pain.

        1. Arthritis Diagnosis and Treatment

        Arthritis can be a hereditary disease that leads to chronic joint pain. You can experience severe and sharp pain in the fingers, knee, elbow, and other body joints. However, it is challenging to diagnose arthritis unless you consult a good orthopedic doctor. The doctor will help you obtain the right treatments for managing arthritis. Consult Orthopedics Surgeon in Gurgaon, India.

        For many reasons, muscle and joint injuries commonly happen to people. A road accident can be a reason behind such injuries. On the other hand, sportspersons often encounter muscle and joint injuries due to extreme pressure of maintaining physical agility and fitness. You should find the best sports injury surgeon in Gurgaon, Delhi, India to deal with such injuries. Ignoring the injuries can lead to multiple physical complications.

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        Dr. Hemant Sharma has been a savior for us, he is a very skilled doctor and really down to earth person. My father is a cardiac patient and the doctor performed the surgery with such skill and ease. Also special thanks to his coordinator for being so resourceful and pro-active in handling all our insurance work and appointments so well.

        Payal Verma

        I was having shoulder dislocation problem since 4 yrs. I concerned with so many doctors. but Dr. Hemant guided me very well and suggested to operate it. Before 2 days it was operated successfully by Dr. Hemant. Before operation I was so scared but he briefed and guided to make me confident to get operated. Thnaks Doctor.

        Rahul Nigam

        I had to undergo a surgery to remove spur from my elbow. The operation went great. Dr. Hemant was very thorough in explaining what all they did and what all precaution to be taken. Along with this the whole operation procedure was very convenient, staff at this hospital was very helpful as well. Thanks

        Divanshu Chaudhary

        Dr Hemant Sharma is phenomenally good in his field of operations. He is a godly figure for me as he Has helped in post surgery recovery & has looked after me like no words can describe. I wish him best of health for whole life &heap loads of respect for him. He is one of the best Ortho Surgeon in Gurgaon. Thanks Dr. Hemant Sharma

        Anupam Bali

        Dr. Hemant Sharma did the hip replacement surgery. I am thrilled with his care and would say he is an excellent doctor and surgeon in India. He is most treasured of the doctors I have. Felt like his family member before and after the surgery. If he weren't specialized I would like to see him for every medical problem. Thanks Doctor.

        Anushka Jain

        Dr. Hemant Sharma did a partial hip replacement surgery for my mother-in-law and he did an excellent job. The procedure was smooth and the post operation recovery is also happening without any pain or discomfort. The best part is that my mother-in-law had started walking just 2 days after surgery. Thank you Dr. Hemant.

        Vibhu Asthana