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For many reasons, total hip replacement is one of the most successful medical surgeries, though it may fail in a few cases. If you still feel severe pain and mobility issues after your hip replacement surgery, you must contact Dr. Hemant Sharma, an experienced and eminent orthopedic doctor in Gurgaon. Failure of the first hip replacement surgery indicates that you need to undergo a revision hip replacement process.

Since the first surgery did not work well, you must find a professional and experienced doctor for the second surgery. Dr. Hemant Sharma has years of experience in hip replacement and revision hip replacement surgeries. Therefore, you can obtain an affordable and effortless service from the best orthopedic in Gurgaon.


When Is Revision Hip Replacement Recommended?


The revision of hip replacement is recommended for a patient in the following cases.


  • Existing Joint Loosening: The revision hip replacement is immediately required if the existing hip joint is loosening. Wasting time in such cases can cause serious injuries to the patients.


  • Infection: Has the hip replacement area become infected? An infection can happen for many reasons. You need to undergo revision hip replacement immediately in such cases.


  • Dislocation: You should undergo revision hip replacement if the existing hip joint is dislocated. Wrong sitting posture or accidents can cause such dislocation. You should undergo a revision hip replacement to avoid dire consequences.


Dr. Hemant Sharma is the best joint replacement surgeon in Gurgaon. He offers revision hip replacement surgery to patients after thoroughly examining their existing hip joint condition.

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