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Mako Robotic Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery

Get Better Joint Replacement with Robotic Knees and Hip Surgery

Knee and hip surgery are crucial but often essential decisions for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or more. However, the number of joint replacement surgeries is rising by 150%, as per previous years’ records. As the demand for common replacement surgeries grows, the need for cheaper, less invasive, and highly efficient surgical methods also rises.

Thus, knee and hip replacement surgery are more effective and precise than ever with advanced technology and robotic-assisted knee and hip surgery. Robotic knee surgery is a developing method that allows the surgeon to integrate the operation into an individual’s needs by appropriately planning and executing the replacement surgery. In this post, Dr. Hemant Sharma, the orthopedics specialist, outlines the advantages of Mako robotic knee and hip surgery for your better understanding.

What does Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery mean?

Mako robotic-arm-assisted joint replacement surgery is an advanced method that allows orthopedic surgeons to pre-plan their patients’ surgeries with the help of Mako software. After successfully planning the surgery, the surgeon operates by guiding the Mako robotic arm to remove cartilage and bone. However, robotic hip surgery increases accuracy and creates a more predictable surgical experience.

How Does it Work?

A surgeon uses a Mako robotic arm to create a 3D virtual model of your knee or hip; then, they will virtually put the joint implant in place precisely. Mako’s robot arm and the doctor will hold the relevant surgical instrument, and then the surgeon will guide the robot according to the pre-surgical plan.

However, the robotic instrument has tracking ability which helps to adjust the minor movement of joints if they occur. It accurately prepares the bone per visual limitations that secure the essential structure of the joint and removes only the affected part. Then it places the implant, and the surgeon may make adjustments if needed.

Benefits of Mako Hip Surgery

Mako robotic arm-assisted replacement surgery is so convenient and straightforward that it has become the most popular joint surgery worldwide. However, here are some points which confirm the benefits of Mako robotic hip surgery:

  • Better function and more accurate restoration of right leg length.
  • Improve alignment, which reduces the risk of instability.
  • Offer more precise positioning of the acetabular component.
  • Enhance the longevity of the joint and lower the wear rate.


Benefits of Mako Knee Surgery

After developing the advanced technology of joint surgery, mako robotic knee replacement has become a better option than conventional methods. Therefore, here are some points which show the advantages of Mako robotic knee surgery:

  • Reduce the risk of soft tissue damage.
  • Less discomfort and pain during surgery.
  • Enhance mobility in the joint.
  • Reduce dependence upon physiotherapy during recovery.
  • Reduce the requirement for opiate analgesics.
  • Reduce the need to stay in the hospital.


Why Choose Us?

Dr. Hemant Sharma is a well-experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon capable of offering the best surgery results. Apart from dealing with hip and knee replacements, Dr. Hemant Sharma is best at treating sports injuries, trauma, fractures, tumor, deformity correctness, and post-polio deformity correctness. If you are looking for the best orthopedic specialist for robotic knees and hip surgery or other joint issues, you can contact Dr. Hemant Sharma.

Mako Robotic Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery

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