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Implant removal and Total hip replacement(Mrs. Shanta Subedi)
Total Knee Replacement (Second day walking after surgery patient from Turkmenistan)
Total Knee Replacement bilateral ,patient from Fiji( After 2 weeks)
knee replacement surgery( khurdistan )one day walking
Bilateral knee replacement recovery day 5 and 89 year old Indian
Mr. K Unilateral Total knee replacement (Immediate post operative video 20 minutes after surgery)
Carpal Tunnel syndrome (entrapped nerve in wrist )Mr. Pramod Bhandari
ACL reconstruction(Ms Kavya Chitnis )
Day 5 walking video(Primary Total Hip Replacement in DDH Patient From Iraq)
Second stage revision distal femur replacement for revision knee with significant bone loss(Iraq)
Osteosarcoma in young boy with expandable custom made tumour prosthesis
Total Knee Replacement in 72 years from Iraq