How to improve mobility with total knee replacement surgery | Dr. Hemant Sharma
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It is common among people to develop some kind of pain in and around the knee joints at some point of time in their lives. The scenario is commonly referred to as knee arthritis and can cause serious mobility issues like stiffness in leg movement and pain. Medications, physiotherapy, and diet options are recommended during the initial stages. If that helps relieve the problem, God’s grace! However, if many scenarios, the situation remains static and hence, doctors recommend total knee replacement surgery in Gurgaon.

Why go for knee replacement surgery?
The advantage of going for total knee replacement surgery is that it can certainly prove to be effective in relieving the pain while restoring mobility to the knee. It can take, however, around 6 months to achieve partial recovery. The recovery process is critical and hence, must be carried out as advised by the doctor. To recover completely, it will take nearly 12-15 months for the patient to return back to performing physically challenging activities. The recovery procedure can be lengthy but with the right approach and suitable guidance, things will get back to the track without much of difficulty.

A closer look at knee replacement surgery
This operation, also known as arthroplasty, involves replacing the damaged knee joint’s structure with metal and plastic elements to restore normal function and reduce chronic pain. Knee replacement surgery is a very common and effective operation. Over 90% of persons who get knee replacements report better mobility and good improvement against chronic pain. Knee replacement provides a good quality of life for most people, restoring mobility and allowing you to participate in activities you used to enjoy. Recovery, on the other hand, is frequently a long process. If you’re having knee surgery or thinking about it, here are some useful dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

As quickly as possible, take a walk
It’s not always easy to recuperate from joint replacement surgery, but staying in bed all the time post the surgery can do you a world of harm. It is necessary to get back to feet at the earliest. No, that doesn’t mean you have to start running and lifting weights. But getting back to the feet to resume body movements will help reduce the chances of blood clotting, while keeping the joints supple and increasing the circulation of blood. A few steps every day within the room is sufficient to keep the blood flowing post the surgery. Walking helps your knee mend and recover by delivering vital nutrients. For the first several weeks, you should plan on using a walker. After four to eight weeks, most patients are able to walk without assistance.

Pain management that works
People used to believe that extreme pain after the total knee replacement surgery in Gurgaon was just something you had to put up with. In fact, appropriately managing pain might help you feel better and recover faster. Because pain is different for different patients, it’s critical to precisely describe and locate the source of the discomfort. Your medical team will need to know whether the pain is consistent or sporadic, as well as whether it is acute, tingling, or burning.
Though some discomfort is to be expected following knee replacement surgery, an excellent pain management regimen can greatly lessen your pain and speed up your recovery.