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Hip and knee joint problems are common nowadays among young people. These days lot of people get arthritis due to injury as a result of road traffic accidents. Thankfully, you can observe the advent of advanced technology in dealing with hip and knee replacement cases. Dr. Hemant Sharma, the renowned orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR, offers cutting-edge hip and knee replacement services.

Dr. Hemant Sharma uses Mako robotic surgery for hip and knee replacements. Mako Robotic knee and hip surgery ( technology) provides more precision in surgery. As a result, hip and knee replacement surgeries have become more hassle-free and less time-consuming. Moreover, robotic-assisted technology reduces the pain involved in the process. Therefore, patients recover quickly and return to their normal lives after surgery.

Most of the Knee Replacement surgeons are performing mechanical alignment, which is not the natural alignment given by God. Mako Robotic surgery gives functional alignment in which the joint line is oblique like the natural knee.

This is a new concept not familiar to many surgeons but it has helped us in improving the patient satisfaction rate significantly over 10%